Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate HEY 100% via keyboard — here’s how.

Navigation Shortcuts

These shortcuts help you quickly navigate between the main areas in HEY.

Action Shortcut
Imbox 1
The Feed 2
Paper Trail 3
Reply Later 4
Set Aside 5
Bubble Up 6
Calendar or Email 0
Search s or /
HEY Menu h or [meta]+j
Help and support ?

Pop-up Menu Shortcuts

These shortcuts work on every pop-up menu in HEY.

Action Shortcut
Open a menu Enter or Space
Next menu item Down Arrow
Previous menu item Up Arrow
Clear input text Esc
Close menu Esc
Close menu and focus next element on the page Tab

Message Action Shortcuts

These shortcuts work on any message screen.

Action Shortcut
Reply Now r
Move to Reply Later l
Move to Set Aside a
Bubble Up z
Forward f
Label b
Move v
Trash t

Calendar Action Shortcuts

These shortcuts work on HEY Calendar screens.

Action Shortcut
Email 0
Today view t
Week view y
New event n
Habits b
Time tracking l
Previous day Left arrow
Next day Right arrow

Bulk Action Shortcuts

Bulk actions on emails are supported in the main boxes: The Imbox, The Feed, Paper Trail, Set Aside, Reply Later, and Bubble Up.

Action Shortcut
Select thread x
Next row j or up arrow
Previous row k or down arrow
Open thread Enter
Focus the bulk actions menu ;
Move to Reply Later l
Move to Set Asside a
Bubble Up z
Mark Unseen u
Move to Imbox i
Move to Paper Trail p
Move to The Feed d
Read Together o
Reply Together f
Add to label b
Add to Collection r
Add a sticky y
Merge g
Ignore -
Trash t

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