HEY World

Your personal HEY account comes with your own publishing platform. Send an email to world@hey.com from your personal HEY account to publish it on a webpage that the whole world can see. People can subscribe via email, or follow along via RSS.

HEY World is only available for hey.com accounts. It is not available for HEY for Domains.

Can I CC or BCC world@hey.com?

No. world@hey.com needs to be the first and only address in the “to” field.

Can I post if I don’t use HEY?

No. HEY World is only available to HEY for You personal email customers. You need a @hey.com address to use HEY World.

Do I have to notify subscribers when I post?

No. Share with a click after your publish, or keep it quiet. Your call.

How do I edit or delete a HEY World post after it's published?

  1. Click on your HEY menu (top of the page) and click HEY World.
  2. Click on the post you’d like to delete.
  3. Click the Edit or Delete button at the bottom of the post.

How do I see or export my subscribers?

  1. Click on your HEY menu (top of the page) and click HEY World.
  2. Click the options button ••• menu at the top right, then select Manage Subscribers.

A screenshot of the Options menu on the HEY World screen.

  1. You can either export your subscriber list, or import subscribers.

A screenshot of the Subscribers page with options to Export and Import subscribers.

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