Need quick access to a phone number, a link, address, or confirmation number that’s buried deep in an email thread? With HEY, you can “clip” any text and add it to your Clips Library for immediate, anytime reference without having to frantically dig for it when you need it.

Can I access clips on my phone that I clipped on my laptop?

Absolutely. Anything you clip on any platform is available on any other platform. Clip a line on your Android phone, see it right on your Mac Laptop. As long as you’re clipping these in the same HEY account, they’ll be available on any platform where you access that account.

If I delete the clip, will it delete it from the email?

Nope. Deleting a clip from your Clips Library will simply delete the reference to the clip. The text you clipped in the email will remain in the email. Deleting a clip doesn’t affect the original email.

Can I clip files or images too?

Not currently. Clips are text only. You can clip multiple paragraphs though, it’s not limited to single lines.

Can I clip from separate parts of an email?

Yes, you can save as many clips from as many emails (or the same email) as you’d like. There are no limits. Each clip is independent in the Clips Library.

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