HEY’s Extensions are perfect for groups like support or sales teams where multiple people handle emails that are sent to a single address. After you create an Extension, everyone involved will see emails sent to the group address, as well as any replies and private comments from teammates.

How do I add an extension?

On your Account page, select "Manage Extensions". Then click on "Add an extension" to set up a new one.

Can I make an Extension for one person?

You sure can. One person, 50 people; it’s all good.

Can Extensions forward to an outside email address?

Yes, you can set an Extension to deliver to internal users, or to forward to an outside service like a Help Desk system.

Can other people on my team see all the past emails sent to an Extension?

That’s up to you. When you add someone new to an extension, you can choose whether or not they should get access to all the past emails sent to the extension, or just new emails as they come in.

Are there any limits to how many Extensions I can create?

No limits — you can create as many as you need.

Does it cost money to add more Extension addresses?

There’s no charge to add an Extension. Add as many as you need at no additional cost.

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