Calendar Day Features

Add a picture to the day background

You can add an image to the background of any day on your calendar.

  1. On the desktop app, hover over the top-left corner of the day you want to add a picture to.
  2. Click the picture icon that appears
  3. Click 'Upload an image' to add a new background picture to that day.

An animated GIF of clicking the picture icon on a day to upload a new image

Name your days

You can add your own name to any day on your calendar.

  1. Click the field on top of the day
  2. Type in your new name!

An animated GIF of adding a new name to a day.

Circle a day

You can add a circle to a day to make it stand out on your calendar.

  1. In the event, click/tap 'Circle'
  2. Click/tap 'Update'

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