Create a new event by clicking the ➕ icon at the top left of the screen on desktop (the bottom of the screen on mobile). There are several options to add detail and customize your event

  • Notifications - choose when to be notified before the event. Add more than one reminder by clicking the '+' button next to the reminder. 🔗 See more about Notifications —>
  • Link - add the URL to a link related to your event.
  • Notes - add more details or information about your event.
  • Location - add the location of the event. This does not currently connect to a map app or service.
  • Invite - invite any other people to your event, via email.
  • Countdown - adds a fun reminder to the days leading up to your event.
  • Repeat - If you're creating a recurring event, choose how often it repeats. Right now, events can be repeated every week, every other week, every week day, every month on that day, or every year. Right now, repeating events cannot be repeated on a particular day and week (e.g. the first Wednesday of the month).

🗒️NOTE: Events can only be created directly in the HEY Calendar or by accepting an .ics calendar invite in an email you receive to your HEY account. There isn't a way to create a new event from a regular email.

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