Export your Google or Apple Calendar

One way to bring in events from Google or Apple Calendar is to subscribe to the calendar, see Link your Google Apple, our Outlook calendar. Another way to bring in your events is to export them and then import the ICS file over to HEY. Here's how...

Export Google Calendar

  1. On Google Calendar, click the gear icon on the top right, and click Settings.
  2. On the left panel, under “General”, click Import & export.
  3. Export your calendar(s).

The calendar will export as an .ics file.

Export Apple and iCloud

  1. In the Apple Calendar app on your Mac, click the calendar’s name in the calendar list. (If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View › Show Calendar List.)
  2. Choose File › Export › Export.
  3. Choose where to save it, then click Export.

The calendar will export as an .ics file.

Import your calendars to HEY

  1. Open the HEY menu › Import events via ICS.
  2. Upload the .ics file and select which calendar to add it to.

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