Forwarding into HEY from other email addresses

Here's how to set up sending email from an external address:

  1. Inside your HEY account, click your Avatar in the top right corner.
  2. Click the account/address you be forwarding to.
  3. Click “Forwarding & Sending”
  4. Click "Connect an Address" and follow the directions to set up forwarding and sending from your external address.

Gmail/Google accounts

Gmail disables the forwarding by default when you add a forwarding address. Check that the option labeled “Forward a copy…” is selected in your Gmail settings.

You can also check out our full guide on Moving from Gmail

iCloud/Apple accounts

When logged into iCloud Mail:

  1. Click the gear icon above your Mailboxes menu and select Settings
  2. Click Mail Forwarding
  3. Enter in your HEY email address

In HEY Forwarding settings, make sure you add all three Apple aliases For iCloud:

  • [youraddress]
  • [youraddress]
  • [youraddress]

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